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Murphy's the Cable Wharf

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Tour: Theodore Tugboat edit

Departs from: Salter Lot

July 11, 2018 at 11:00am (30 mins)

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About This Tour

Theodore is a friendly tugboat who loves to discover and explore brand new things! The great Big Harbour is so much fun, with so many things to discover.

Designed with children in mind, Theodore Tugboat’s Big Harbour Tour informs and entertains, bringing the sights and sounds of an actual working harbour to life. Sing along to Theodore’s famous song and colour your map of the Big Harbour as Theodore introduces you to his friends from one side of the harbour to another! Theodore’s friends in the harbour are the Dispatcher, the Tugboat Crew, Benjamin Bridge and now YOU! Don’t forget to head to Theodore’s own Gift Shop for your very own official Theodore Tugboat Certificate after your tour!

Perfect for children of all ages both big and small!


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